The Wildenstein Waterfall -

A spectacle of nature

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The refreshing coolness of the waterfall -
a must on hot days.

The municipality of Gallizien is home to the Wildstone Waterfall, which breaks out of a vertical rock face and drops down 54 metres into the depths for a spectacle to admire. Visitors make a short hike to the platform from which this wonder of nature can be observed. The ascent spirals and becomes quite challenging in the final third. But every step takes you closer to the noise and refreshing coolness of the waterfall.

The waterfall owes its name to the above-mentioned Wildenstein castle ruins, which were destroyed in the 1348 earthquake. Today, one district in the Gallizien municipality still bears the Wildenstein name. Those reaching the Wildenstein waterfall platform can also start an equally beautiful but challenging hiking tour on the Hochobir (2,139 metres).

Handicraft museum at the Wildstein Waterfall

Opening hours: April to October, 11am to 6pm or by telephone arrangement

Gottfried Pasterk
Wildenstein 8
9132 Gallizien
Tel. +43 664 4080514