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Sport, fun and recreation are top priorities in Südkärnten (Southern Carinthia). But the connoisseurs among you are also well catered for.

Why not take advantage of your holiday to discover some tasty regional delicacies? You may expand your vocabulary in the process.

The Klopeiner See – Südkärnten region is a venue for you to enjoy culinary delights. For example at the Farant street festival (15th August, 2017) in Globasnitz. Farant means an evening event - which, in this case, features a range of dishes and agricultural produce harvested and processed at Jaun Valley farms. The Jaun Valley salami has its dedicated festival held in the splendid setting of Eberndorf Abbey on August 6, while in Bad Eisenkappel, connoisseurs can sample regional specialties at the Coppla Kasa Fest (granary festival) on September 9, 2017. The 16-17 September, 2017 will see us celebrate the Jauntal Had’n festival. And what does ‘Had’n’ mean, you wonder? Simply buckwheat.




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Throughout the year, gourmets in the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region are invited to complete the unique Jaun Valley pleasure marathon. This challenging culinary competition is conducted on foot or by bike along the salami street and the only discipline ranked is: The ‘palate passion’.

A total of seven gourmet tours are available, covering all difficulty levels (between twelve and 43 kilometres), traversing numerous bus shelters, guest houses and direct marketers en route. And you can expect more than culinary delicacies alone, since each tour features its own special attractions. For example, the Sablatnigmoor will feature encounters with rare bird and insect species, while a bike ride to the Hemmaberg gives you an insight into a religious group. Catering to all senses - your palate most of all.

Culinary calendar 2017

  • 9-10 June: Adriatic Alps Market, Völkermarkt
  • 6 August: Jaun Valley salami festival, Eberndorf
  • 15 August: Farant street festival, Globasnitz
  • 9 September: Coppla-Kaša festival, Bad Eisenkappel
  • 16 September: Riesen bacon festival, Bad Eisenkappel
  • 16-17 September: Had’n autumn, Neuhaus
  • 24 September: Sittersdorfer wine festival, Sittersdorf