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The Karawanken Geopark

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The Karawanken Geopark, a venue beyond borders and located in Bad Eisenkappel, boasts outstanding geological heritage and scenic beauty, biodiversity and natural and cultural treasures that have earned it the title "Karawanken Geopark".

Karawanken Geopark - Secrets Carved in Stone

An all-new infrastructure includes a dense network of Geopark guides with special training, highlights signposted and described in detail and interactive stations en route to delight each of the senses. It even sheds light on tectonic processes in an entertaining way.

The Geopark, part of the UNESCO network, is one of three cross-border Geoparks in Europe. Earning the "European Geopark" label by UNESCO meant complying with very strict criteria - namely a very special geological heritage (such as the Karawanken, where the European and African tectonic plates meet), the learning centre development and the experience park development.




The new Dino park

canoeing and cycling tours in mining tunnels

Mining museum


The Geopark straddles the eastern Karawanken border; encompassing eight municipalities from Südkärnten and five from Slovenia.

• Bad Eisenkappel
• Sittersdorf
• Gallizien
• Globasnitz
• Feistritz ob Bleiburg
• Bleiburg
• Neuhaus
• Lavamünd
• Zell
• Mežica
• Crna
• Ravne
• Prevalje
• Dravograd

Total area: 997 km² at altitudes ranging from 541 to 2,139 m. Length of signposted hiking network: More than 1,000 km.

The Geopark Info Centre in Bad Eisenkappel was opened in the past year, as was a facility in Mežica on the Slovenian side (a stone’s throw from Bleiburg).

The Info Centre in Bad Eisenkappel offers interactive and entertaining insights into mountain geology and myths. Learn about the origins and variety of the Karawanken mountains in a multimedia presentation at the Geopark centre.

Around a dozen shelters and alpine huts also offer overnight accommodation from €15 per person per night (reservations required).




Geopark Infocentre - Obir-Tropfsteinhöhlen

Hauptplatz 7
9135 Bad Eisenkappel
Tel. +43(0)4238/8239
info @ geopark.si

Geopark Infozentrum - Podzemlje Pece

Tel. +386(2)8700161

Geopark Karawanken