Via Carinzia – Sunlit cycling routes

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The new Via Carinzia bike path, gracing the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region, is synonymous with enjoyment and history above all. Over 162 kilometres, a total of five trails lead riders between the Rosen and Lavant valleys.

For the keenest of cyclists, the occasional pedallers or families who just want to try it out, the Via Carinzia should be part of every holiday plan in the area of Klopeiner See in Southern Carinthia. Five trails traversing Carinthia cater for all cyclists and levels. Here, on the southern side of the Alps, the mild climate means you are almost guaranteed sunshine along the way. In fact, it is a virtually ever-present companion. Right in the heart of the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region, enjoy the lake tour, which will take you through Klopeiner See, Turnersee and Gösselsdorfersee en route.

The route from Klopeiner See to Lavamünd is the Drau tour. But the rest of Carinthia lies in wonderful wait for you too, along the Via Carinzia. The Rosental tour is as beautiful as its name suggests, while the Lavant Tour 1 runs from Lavamünd to Wolfsberg and the Lavant Tour 2 goes even further to Reichenfels.

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