A paradise of water ripples

Bathing fun in the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region

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Bathing fun in the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region

Ever dipped your toe in the water and finding your lower leg has become an icicle? No such worries in the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region.

This area is home to some of the warmest bathing lakes in Europe, with water up to 28 degrees. No swim season starts earlier than ours! When you consider the bathing conditions in the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region, a long season is the stand-out feature. The balmy water temperatures mean the water babies among you will be right at home - enjoying long days of swimming and an earlier and longer-lasting season. Plus a list of bathing lakes and swimming pools that can only be described as ... long! Klopeiner See is one of the finest places to bathe in Europe, with water up to 28 degrees. The Turnersee is a natural bathing paradise with water clean enough to be drinkable, while the Gösselsdorfer See offers herbal medicinal healing, with water containing calmus.

The first-class family holiday destination.

In Southern Carinthia the entire family can expect some very special holiday moments and exciting excursion destinations, turning your annual family holiday into a real experience. Plenty of fun for the youngest ones, adventures for cool teenagers and a few (well-deserved) moments of relaxation for Mum and Dad.

Breathtaking bodies of water.

Dive into the floods!

At the foot of the Petzen range, dive into the small but perfectly formed Pirkdorfer See, or the Sonnengger See, with a family-friendly 1.7 hectares. Those in search of warmer refreshment can enter Linsendorfer See, which is fed by the river and free to all bathers. And we’ve not even covered the swimming pools ... the only problem you’ll have is choosing! Or better still - try them all out!