A bridge of Adventure -

Bungee jumping in the south of Austria

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But we have even more thrills lying in wait for you. Dare to try? 

The Jaun Valley Bridge is 96 metres high, and you can drop off it in a few different ways. The most well-known thrill experience comes from bungee jumping. Standing up, looking down, steadying your (thumping) heart and jumping - right down to the turquoise river. But the Jaun Valley Bungee team has even more in store to boost your adrenaline levels.

How about a Hot Rocket Bungee? Those embarking on it are forced skyward via a 70-metre-long, pre-tensioned rubber cable. Acceleration: From 0 to 60 in a second. As well as overcoming the earth's gravitational pull, this also makes you faster than the average sports car. Slightly more sedate (but no sitting back and relaxing) - the Jungle swing. Alone, in pairs or in threes, you can swing like Spiderman on a 70-metre-long rope from one bridge pillar to another.

96-metre free-fall:
The only thing to do is try!