A natural playground:

Walderlebniswelt Klopeiner See - a forest experience world

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Above the treetops, under the soil, and everything in-between: In the Walderlebniswelt Klopeiner See (forest experience world at Klopeiner See), the smaller adventurers among you have 20,000 square metres in which to really let off steam.

Jumping, climbing, balancing: forest experience world at Klopeiner See was created for children and their needs. This is a natural playground 20,000 square metres across, boasting over 75 open-air attractions. Stand-out features include the treetop trail, with a 28-metre-high observation tower, while a visit to Reiny's fox’s den submerged underground. And yes, one or two other little surprises also await you. A giant jumping cushion for swinging, and plus a giant maze.

donkeys, sheep and guinea pigs.