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In the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten region

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We prepare the trails daily to ensure our guests have the very best slope conditions at their disposal. Of course, catering has not been forgotten: dining is available at the Hotel Pirkdorfer See. You are also free to use the changing rooms, showers and WC facilities there. Ski huts are on hand for your storage and preparation needs when cross-country skiing - you can change clothes there too.

Information for companies, associations, municipalities and various other organisers: We give you the option to rent the complete cross-country skiing centre, including instructors, all day or for a discount rate in the evening.

in the cross-country skiing centre

Biathlon sport has been on the menu at the Pirkdorfer See cross-country skiing centre since 2011.

We have four laser biathlon guns as well as a shooting range 10 metres long and five shooting stands for shooting when standing or lying down. So biathlon fans will not lack for anything here.

Biathlon, a combination of cross-country skiing and shooting, is primarily a winter pursuit. Since the Pirkdorfer See shooting range is on wheels, it can also be used during the summer at skiroller events.

We also offer our own in-house biathlon courses. Paving the way for up-and-coming and competitive athletes to learn the ins and outs of biathlon sport under professional management.

The competitions require participants to complete a total of five rounds of cross-country skiing. After four rounds comes the shooting, alternating lying down and standing up.

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