Der Sonnenwinkel Kärntens
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Klopeiner See - Südkärnten
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    Wallfahrtskirche auf dem Hemmaberg


    The Hemmaberg with its striking cliffs is visible well into the Jaun Valley. Find out more about the archaeological excavations, the pilgrimages, the St. Rosalia grotto and the ecclesiastical significance here.

    St. Paul monastery

    The treasure house of Carinthia in the Benedictine St. Paul monastery. Nestled in the fertile landscape of the lower Lavant Valley St. Paul’s Abbey rises on a cone of rock.

    Stalagtiten in der Tropfsteinhöhle

    Obir stalactite caves

    Enter and discover Austria’s most fascinating wonder of nature! Plunge into a subterranean world – a symbiosis of nature and man.